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Lindsey Adelman Astral - 03 Agnes Chandelier-24 Replica

$2,585 $3,195

Product Name:
Lindsey Adelman Astral - 03 Agnes Chandelier-24 Replica 


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7 - 15 Days

 Agnes is a design that features a modular anodized aluminium structure which can be assembled in configurations starting from a small, 6 Light Chandelier to a 20 Light Chandelier or even larger. “Agnes, in its ideal state, would be a very large fixture. You could fill up a whole ceiling," says the designer. Articulated joints allow for the bulbs to be rotated and arranged in a multitude of ways. The bulbs can be completely vertical, which is churchlike and formal. When the angles change, it becomes more whimsical.

Aluminum & Glass


L 149cm x W 149cm x H 43cm

24 x LED 3W G9 Bulbs (Not Include)

There are possible that different length rods fixed together.If you wanna customize the length,please leave a comment of rods which length you need when you place the order.


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