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Bec Brittain Maxhedron Pendant Light Replica - Horizontal

  • Brand: Bec Brittain
  • Product Code: BECMAXH
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$795 $995

Product Name:
Bec Brittain Maxhedron Pendant Light Replica - Horizontal


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3 - 4 weeks

The Maxhedron Pendant Light is a cleverly designed modern geometric pendant light. The Maxhedron pendant utilizes mirrored glass properties to reflect and hide its elements. It simultaneously reflects and blends with the surroundings depending on which angles you stand relative to it. Magically, this modern geometric pendant light Maxhedron transforms itself into something more translucent when is switched on. The tiny LED lights mimic the stunning constellations in the night sky above.

Aluminum & Glass


Small: L 24in/61cm x W 11in/28cm x H 13in/32cm

Medium: L 30in/77cm x W 14in/35cm x H 17in/43cm

Large: L 42in/107cm x W 18.5in/47cm x H 21in/53cm

8 x 1.5W LED | Included


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