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Lindsey Branching Bubble Chandelier-5 Replica

$715 $1,095

Product Name:
Lindsey Branching Bubble Chandelier-5 Replica


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7 - 15 Days

Originally designed by Lindsey Adelman,this stunning and intricate Replica Lindsey Adelman Chandelier will surely become the centerpiece for any room it is hung in. The glass 'bubbles' and metal arms create a fixture that is contemporary yet takes you back to the modern middle-century, reminiscent of early molecular diagrams. Each 'branch' is moveable and therefore customisable to suit any space. Available in a Horizontal or Vertical Cascade with the option of 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11 Bubbles.

Aluminum & Glass


Horizontal:H53cm x W163cm x D89cm

Vertical:H163cm x W89cm x D53cm

E27 40w x 5 (Not Include)

There are possible that different length rods fixed together.If you wanna customize the length,please leave a comment of rods which length you need when you place the order.


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