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Stickbulb Vertical Sconce Replica

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Tags: STICKBULB, Sconce

Product Name:
Stickbulb Vertical Sconce Replica 


Standard Delivery :
3 - 4 weeks

Vertical Sconces are comprised of a metal hardware component which mounts to the wall and holds a wooden bulb vertically at a slight angle away from the wall. The overall length of the sconce can range from 2ft, 3ft, or 4ft. A clamping mechanism keeps the bulb securely in place. The wooden component is offered in sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed heart pine, ebonized oak, or reclaimed water tower redwood. The metal base is available in powder coated white, slate grey or matte black, hand blackened steel, polished nickel or brass, or brushed nickel or brass.

LED, sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood, steel


2 ft: L 3.5''/9cm x W 8.75''/22cm x H 32''/81cm

3 ft: L 3.5''/9cm x W 11''/28cm x H 43.5''/110.5cm

4 ft: L 3.5''/9cm x W 15''/38cm x H 55''/140cm

LED 12V (Dimmable) 496 Lumens / 90 CRI (3000K) / 19W


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